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Maritime Defence Force is committed to provide the highest standard of maritime security service to its customers.

Our Policies


The Company’s approach relies on retaining long-term relationships with customers through steady, reliable service, with an emphasis on detail, transparency and quality.


MDF is engaged to provide enhanced maritime security services to protect commercial activities as part of the international supply chain. In close coordination with legitimate clients and state actors, MDF adopt and implement the standards necessary to ensure that human rights and fundamental freedom are adhered to in order to safeguard lives and property and adverse, illegal (piracy) acts are prevented. Our accomplishments are verified through zero accidents performance rates and efficient HSSE risk assessments.


MDF Ltd. as a company focuses on quality and integrity and for this reason aims to act in compliance with all applicable voluntary principles, standards, codes of conduct, Domestic and International Laws regulating the antipiracy industry. We expect all of our employees, representatives and business partners to adhere to these principles.

The Code defines MDF’s standards in a variety of areas including: ethical business conduct; personal conduct; health, safety and environment; training; employee practices and human rights. It has also been developed to be consistent with the industry regulation, codes and conventions that MDF adheres to, and complements the other MDF Policies.



MDF Ltd. respects the dignity of all human beings and performs its services in a way that is consistent to this ideal. The company and employees hold equal obligations to avoid, but report when seen, any act attributable to one of the below areas:

  • Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, Harassment, Bullying and Gender Violence

  • Child Labour

  • Human Trafficking, Slavery and Forced Labour

  • Unlawful Use of Force

  • Detention, Apprehending Persons

  • Discrimination

MDF Ltd.  embraces an environment that is free from all discrimination in the workplace and in its business. We do not tolerate any discrimination and our decisions are solely based on sincere evaluations. Consistent with applicable national law, all MDF personnel are required to agree to participate in internal investigations and disciplinary procedures, as well as in any public investigation conducted by competent authorities, except where prohibited by law.


The well-being of our employees is of utmost importance. Our goal is to create a Healthy and Safe working environment for MDF employees and where we minimize our impact on the Environment. MDF employees are all responsible for understanding and complying with MDF Health and Safety procedures and guidelines for the respective workplace, with the ship’s procedures for Health, Safety and Environmental risks to MDF personnel and others on board, as well as with those issued by applicable regulatory authorities. MDF Ltd. will not, and requires that its employees do not, engage in activities that compromise their own safety or the safety of others. We commit towards taking all the necessary precautions for our employees and any personnel that are involved with our activities.


It is our policy to conduct business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with the highest ethical standards. We strive to maintain MDF’s reputation with our stakeholders, all dealings on MDF’s behalf must reflect high standards of ethical behaviour.


Unauthorized use of alcohol and/or controlled substances creates serious health, wellness, and safety risks in any area of the workplace. The unauthorized use, sale, or possession of alcohol and/or controlled substances is strictly prohibited while at work, on company property, or on company business. This prohibition also includes use, sale, possession or distribution of illegal drugs.


MDF Ltd. has taken all necessary steps to apply to its processes the requirements set by the General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”). MDF is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy; questions, comments and requests regarding this privacy policy should be addressed to


The Client complaints, grievances and whistleblowing procedure deals with complaints regarding our service, and with complaints regarding the infringement of MDF‘s Ltd. policies and procedures, or violations of the applicable national and international laws and legislation in force, of the International Code of Conduct (ICoC) and Human Rights.

MDF is committed to the highest possible standards of transparency, probity and accountability in the delivery of its services. It is essential that MDF Personnel, Clients and other Stakeholders have confidence in their dealings with MDF, and know that any serious concerns about wrongdoing they may raise will be handled appropriately.

MDF will not tolerate abuse or wrongdoing, and will take appropriate action to address all such issues when arise, including disciplinary measures or termination of employment in case of a finding of such violation or unlawful behaviour.

If a person (MDF employee or third party) has a concern or problem that they haven’t been able to resolve informally, or wants to report allegations or improper and/or illegal conduct and/or violation of the relevant international and/or state laws, ICoC, human rights, MDF Procedures, Codes and Polices they should make a formal grievance complaint on the phone (Call 24/7: +1 978 441 3355), or in writing to the email address: Receipt of complaint/grievance/concern will be acknowledged within one working day (via phone or email). If you choose  to not provide us your name or contact details we will not be able to contact you in relation to the problem raised and provide feedback on the resolution. 

For more details on our policies, procedures or business ethics, please contact us at

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