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Maritime Defence Force

A Member of the MDF Group

Maritime Defence Force Ltd. (“MDF”), established in 2009 operates security teams on board merchant vessels trading through areas of piracy and war risk. The company started its way in the Maritime Security Industry in 2009 and registered in the British Virgin Islands. The company operates in a geographic area spanning the Indian Ocean, East and West Africa, Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea and South East Asia, with corporate offices in Singapore, India, Europe and South Africa.



As one of the first security companies specialized in ship-security, we have developed a very owner-centric approach to current and on-going requirements


Ship Security

  • Armed / Unarmed Onboard Escort Teams

  • Security Policy And Response Manuals

  • Introduction Of Industry Best Practices

  • Drills, Exercises And Response For Security Deficiencies

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Equipment & Access Control

  • Gangway Supervision

  • Anti-Stowaway Search

  • Drugs/Human Smuggling Prevention

  • Anti-Piracy Equipment

  • CCTV Systems


ISPS Code Consultancy

  • SSA / SSP Development

  • ISPS Compliance Survey

  • Off Hours CSO, Flag Competent Authority

  • Code of Practice On Security In Ports

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Training & Development

  • MDF Maritime Anti-Piracy (“MAP”) Course

  • Ship’s Crew Practical Security Awareness Training 

  • Industry Best Practices

  • Ship’s Crew Vetting 

  • Training and Development
    Online Application

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Destination Risk Intelligence

  • Ship Security Threat Assessment

  • Pre-Passage Risk Assessment

  • Port Facility Intelligence Assessment

  • Emergency, Disaster And Crisis Management Procedures

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  • Compliance, Requirements and Industry Best Practices, As Per ISM Code

  • Critical Systems Protection

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

  • Incident Response Policy

  • Cost-Effective CISO Advisory

For passenger ship solutions visit:

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MDF proudly offers a variety of safety and security-related services, directly or indirectly associated with ISPS requirements, security plans and risk mitigation. Our impermeable structure is the result of extensive deliberation and experience working alongside leading P&I clubs. MDF works with the BIMCO GUARDCON contract and provides different grades of insurance coverage to better facilitate the Owner’s flexibility with options and pricing. We are able to assist Owners in covering K&R, LOH or other relevant marine insurance risks.

Furthermore, we provide additional security solutions and training services in specific markets where additional measures may be necessary, such as:

Supporting Owner & Crew

In addition to the overall goal of protecting crew and vessel, MDF’s services provide day-to-day support to the Owner and the officers on board the vessel. MDF is also equipped to hold deck watch duty while in port, defending from piracy, robbery, smuggling and stowaways, that can occur while the ship is on anchorage, drift or at berth.

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